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Feline anal hernias

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"what's your beloved strain"

Perineal hernia

Feline anal hernias

Owners may wrongly interpret this as intentional inappropriate toileting. When defaecating, cats with perineal hernias can either have trouble getting started (as the first piece of faeces fails to exit through the anal sphincter and doubles back on itself) or finished (the last piece of faeces fails to exit and forms a pre-anal faecolith). Perineal hernias are common in dogs and rare in cats. They occur almost exclusively in intact male dogs (93%). Perineal hernias in female dogs are often related to trauma. Feline perineal hernias usually occur in neutered males; however, female cats are more prone to perineal hernias than female dogs. K.M. Pratschke, in Feline Soft Tissue and General Surgery, Perineal hernia. Perineal hernia is relatively uncommon in cats, and in contrast to dogs the available information suggests that the condition is more common in neutered than intact 34–37 Bilateral herniation is more common than unilateral, and in many cases there are pre-existing medical problems that could increase.

Feline anal hernias
Feline anal hernias

Constipation or feline anal hernias passing faeces is a severely debilitating disease seen commonly in cats of all ages and is life-threatening if left untreated. Effective management requires recognition of the aetiology and choosing the appropriate therapy for feline anal hernias cat and owner. Clinical examination reveals colonic impaction with varying degrees of dehydration, weight loss, debilitation and abdominal pain. Pelvic fracture malunion may torrent anal pornsluts detected on rectal examination in cats with previous feline anal hernias trauma. Rectal examination is also useful in identifying other unusual causes of constipation, such as foreign bodies, rectal diverticula, strictures, inflammation, or neoplasia. Chronic tenesmus may be associated with perineal herniation in some cases.

Feline anal hernias
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