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Anal muscle spasm

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Proctalgia Fugax

Anal muscle spasm

Muscle cramps or spasms (painful), Pain or discomfort and Protruding rectal material. An anal fissure, a tear in the anal tissue, causes pain and bleeding, especially during bowel movements. It is not known why the levator ani muscle spasms. The muscle spasm causes pain that typically is not related to defecation. The pain usually lasts less than 20 minutes. Pain may be brief and intense or a vague ache high in the rectum. It may occur spontaneously or with sitting and can waken a . Treatment for anal spasms generally focuses on relaxing the rectal muscles with prescription level ointments to mitigate or eliminate the pain. For some patients, a treatment of Botox may provide relief, while others are able to use digital massage of the levator ani muscles to alleviate the pain.

Anal muscle spasm
Anal muscle spasm

There are a number of terms for muscle-based pain in the rectal area, including levator ani syndrome, levator ani spasm syndrome, proctalgia fugax, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, proctodynia, coccygodynia, anal muscle spasm floor dysfunction and pelvic floor myalgia. The root cause of rectal spasm is anal muscle spasm in the pelvic muscles including the levator ani muscle. The levator ani is a broad, thin anal muscle spasm inside the pelvis that tightens and relaxes to aid in a number of bodily functions, including bowel movements. Pelvic floor muscle spasms can also cause tightness, burning, and a sensation that the rectum is full. Sometimes the pelvic muscle spasm is caused by a trapped nerve or ligament, or some sort of adhesion or restriction in your pelvis.

Anal muscle spasm
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